Computer multimedia customized training

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Computer multimedia customized training Premiere Pro

Video : formats, analog and digital, frames. SD formats you letters, HD
data processing : codecs, debits, mounting systems, software, logic working and interfaces.
acquisition and real-time maps Cards. graphics Cards.FORMATIONS MODULAIRES SUR MESURE MULTIMEDIA BUREAUTIQUE

Setting. Acquisition on the fly, Logging, easy installation: transitions and cut with, Tape Export.

Managing DV / DVCam / HDV
Scene detection.
video sources with memory cards : P2, SxS, XDCamHD ... Media Browser to manage natively cards.
Imports/exports EDL

Tools Timeline.
Mounting drag / drop. fitting windows and trim dynamic.

After Effects computer multimedia customized training :

Basics of an image modes

  • The various computer and video formats
  • Square and rectangular pixels
  • The resolution

QuickStart software

  • Study of the interface and tools, le chutier, viewer, the toolbox, chronology
  • Interface settings
  • software business logic


  • Basics Layers
  • Manipulations of the layers
  • Null layers and their applications
  • Exploiting advanced features
  • Motion blur


  • fundamentals
  • Creating a composition
  • simple animation without an external source and RAM preview
  • Management of keyframes
  • Notion d’interpolation
  • Space and time
  • The anchor and Features
  • Target Tracking
  • Animation layout and options
  • Automatic Animation

Modes, masks, and mattes

  • Definition of luminance, chrominance, alpha channel
  • Tools and transfer modes
  • Masks and their properties
  • Masking by color differences (inlay on blue and green background)

line and filling tools

  • The mask morphing
  • The mattes
  • The models and option
  • (transparency, fusion mode, adding alpha)
  • Correspondence with software
  • Photoshop et Illustrator

The main effects

  • Applying effects
  • The property and effects layers
  • Solid and effects
  • main effects

Importing and made

  • Importing and interpreting
  • Import D layers from Photoshop
  • The render queue
  • webcasts Standards, TV and commercial
  • Reminder of the standards used in Europe and beyond
  • multimedia compression, CDROM, Internet, compression codecs
  • Export to different formats

Computer multimedia customized training Office Word I :

The input

  • word processing Principles Move
  • To select
  • Correct, copier, move

Document management

  • Open, to close
  • Record
  • Create a new document Print

Formatting characters

  • Use the default font
  • Change the shape of the characters with the toolbar
  • Change the shape of the characters with the Font command
  • Repeat and reproduce : tips

Formatting paragraphs

  • Use the default paragraph
  • Edit alignments and withdrawals Use Bullets and Numbers
  • Repeat and reproduce : tips

Tabs and tables

  • Use, create and edit tabs
  • Create Table
  • Present a table
  • Nest a table in a table

the borders

  • Frame Text
  • Framing a paragraph
  • Framing page
  • Use the menu or the toolbar

The impression

  • The print preview and options
  • Lay out the document : margins, l’orientation
  • Create headers and footers for dialing -Print


  • Records interchange formats Files

Computer multimedia customized training, Office Word II :


  • Use the merge wizard - Preparation of the merger
  • Data source
  • Document principal
  • Merge

special characters

  • use
  • Insertion
  • Suppression

Text boxes

  • Create a text box
  • Select a text box
  • Move a text box
  • Resize a text area - Changing the form of a text box
  • Fasten the dimensions
  • To delete a text box


  • Insert Image
  • Edit an image
  • Restoring the original features - Frame a picture
  • Cut a picture
  • Dress image


  • Insert Object
  • Edit object
  • Handling of an object


  • Creation from the plan
  • Creation using fields - Hyperlinks
  • Update


  • Defining an index entry - Secondary entries
  • Compilation of the index
  • Updating an index


  • Insert Bookmark
  • Show Bookmarks
  • Go to a Bookmark
  • Delete a bookmark


  • Insert reference
  • Comments
  • Create comment
  • Browse document comment
  • Delete Comment - View Comments
  • Print Comments

The forms

  • Insert a text field, digital or Date
  • Insert a checkbox
  • Insert dropdown
  • Protect Form - Backup
  • Using a form


  • Overview
  • Traits
  • Ellipse / circle
  • Rectangle / square
  • AutoShapes
  • Selecting objects
  • Moving Objects
  • Change Shape
  • Contours and filling - Overlay
  • Group Objects
  • page backgrounds

recorded macros

  • Run Macro
  • Creating a macro - Deletion

Customize the toolbar

  • Options

Computer multimedia customized training, Office Excel I :


  • The window display
  • Travel / selections in a sheet


  • Folders management
  • The management of spreadsheets


  • Data entry
  • Data change
  • Copies and travel - Named areas


  • Calculations - The audit


  • The lines, columns and cells - The highlighted
  • The styles and patterns


  • The impression
  • Layout


  • Creating a chart - Graphic options
  • The graphic objects

Computer multimedia customized training, Office Excel II:

graphic objects

  • The Drawing toolbar
  • The various objects
  • Trait / ellipse / rectangle
  • Autoshape
  • Text zone
  • Selection / moving objects - Formatting Objects
  • Superposition
  • Group Objects
  • Linking objects to cells
  • Print objects

Data Validation

  • View an input message
  • Entry restrictions
  • Set restrictions
  • Fill a small cell
  • Display a warning after entering

The lists

  • Creation
  • Adding Forms
  • Displacement in the grid
  • Modification / deletion of records - Calculated fields
  • filters
  • The elaborate filters
  • The database functions
  • Subtotals

Customize Toolbars

  • Delete button
  • Add a new button - Add a macro button
  • Edit Button Image

Pivot table

  • -Choose database concept of -Presentation graphic elements table -presentation

formations sur mesure multimédia informatique



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