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our center
Located in the heart of Nice, we welcome you in our center ACTIVMEDIA and offer a range of tailored training, Supported by formation continue.

our method :

  • Constitution of mini group 6 persons or individual training.
  • Courses focused on professional bases.
  • Practical exercises and scenarios.

Permanent monitoring and updating of the teaching.

Advantages of our courses :

  • Ensures effective and serious teaching.
  • Provides valuable work skills.
  • Enhances your knowledge and put them into practice in the workplace.
  • Upgrading of your assets according to the evolution of the profession.
  • Building trust in your personal projects.
  • matchmaking opportunities with professionals and students.

Select RNCP validation :

the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications) is the framework of all diplomas and degrees for professional purposes.

The key points to know :

  • Diploma recognized by the French Ministry of Labor. niveau II, either tray +3.
  • French Reference of European Qualification Framework (CHECK). Level VI en Europe.
  • International recognition possibility of the qualification.
  • Qualification based academic program, but also on the knowledge, capacities and skills passed and assessed.
  • ecognition the value of our degrees and courses offered by regular checks of the National Commission for Vocational Certification (CNCP)

Designation : Designer, Web Designer is a versatile professional who performs the study activities, Design, Creation, realization and management of web products. It exercises the following activities : project management, the overall design, Interactive graphic design, technical implementation and monitoring of a web project.

our method : we created a specific and unique program from 6 weeks (is 210 hours) to acquire the skills needed to obtain a RNCP certified qualification by the Ministry of Labor.
So you come away with a trough +3 and a degree of niveau II France and VI one Europe.

Our training content : this is a business training, which requires the obtaining of all sessions, composed of the following modules :

– Week 1 and 2 « Wordpress » :
There are several ways to create a website. In ACTIVMEDIA we made the choice to use the free software open source "Wordpress". It is now the most used CMS in the world and allows everyone to quickly and efficiently create websites of all kinds.

– Week 2 « Html / Css » :
Although the developer's job is different from a web-designer, integration of computer coding is a more. In ACTIVMEDIA we want to improve learning Wordpress functions by teaching basic HTML language and CSS.

– Week 3 « Woocommerce » :
A powerful solution for creating and managing an e-commerce site on Wordpress. How to create a database and manage all the parameters necessary for creating an online store, whether for the sale of products or services.

– Week 4 « Photoshop » :
You will learn to master the specific functionality to the web, the most used software for retouching and image creation. You will be able to monitor and improve the design of a web site as a whole.

– Week 5 "Web Marketing" and "SEO" :
The web-designer job does not stop at pure creation of a website. You have to know to master the web environment and provide communication solutions for each project.
Here you will cover the basics in web marketing (social networks, newsletter, affiliation…), and the methods needed for good SEO on the web your web creations.

– Week 6 "Indesign" and "Illustrator" :
In ACTIVMEDIA we complete the first skills of the web designer business by introducing achievements called "print" (posters, prospectus, visit card…) and "vector" drawing (logo creation). This allows to offer a comprehensive expertise and stand out from the competition. So you will work on mastering these 2 Adobe software, thus leading to the graphic of our training curriculum.

Overview : our trainers are professional web-designer. They will bring you all the information necessary to operate the business or your personal project (graphical charter, quotation / billing, followed…).

Professional trainers

Our consultants and trainers all have solid professional experience, implementation in the development of information technologies / Internet and their application in daily business.

Our instructors can teach courses in English.

teaching methods

Computers latest, teaching aids, notebooks, pens, pockets, wall screens, wall paintings, color laser printer, Apache web server

Are you concerned ?

The center ACTIVMEDIA offers its IT training, media and languages ​​to anyone motivated, wishing to acquire skills for the realization of a project of professional level.

Recognition and rewards

Our certified skills training in RNCP “Webdesigner designer” results in a graduation. ACTIVMEDIA is a certification body recognized by the French state.

Each module of the training, as well as all other certification courses we offer, can be purchased individually and will result in this case the delivery of a certification. These certifications are not State diplomas, because the training is over relatively short periods, but are recognized by professionals.

You can receive a student card, accepted especially by Adobe for software acquisition & Mac hardware, and of course by all organizations offering student discounts (public transport, cinema…).

List of OPCA

Organizations Paritarian collectors Chartered


  • AFDAS : Spectacle, audio-visual, the entertainment and advertising.
  • AUVICOM : Audiovisual except the entertainment.
  • MEDIAFOR : printing press.
  • OPCA CGM : graphic communications printing and publishing.


(Paritarian organizations collectors Chartered Regional) Network of 24 associations regional expertise.

For information :

  • A.C.P.M : (Permanent Assembly of Chambers of Trade). National site with links to the regional chambers.


  • FAF FISHING : Partner training maritime professionals : peach, conchyliculture, marine farms
  • OPCA2 : agricultural and para-agricultural field
  • FAFSEA : Agriculture. Site national, link regional sites.




  • Force : Retail and Distribution.
  • INTERGROS : intercompany and international trade.
  • OPCAD : Food Retail.
  • ANFA : Automobile trade and repair.



  • PROMOFAF : medico-social and social health branches nonprofit.
  • FORMAHP : Private institutions care diagnostics.
  • ANFH : public hospital.


  • MULTIFAF : craft enterprises + Convention hairstyle.


  • OPCA EN : professions.
  • FIF PL : Interprofessional Fund for training professionals libéralaux.


  • CCFP : Organizations Confederate C.G.T.
  • FIF PL : professions.
  • OPCALIA : inter-branch.
  • FAF Social Security : vocational training actions of the Social Security Personal.
  • UNIFORMATION : Companies in the social economy (Non-profit associations, cooperatives and mutuals).